Booking form Campo! Solstice Camp

Yes, I too would like to come to Campo! Solstice Camp from Wednesday 11 to Monday 16 August 2021!

Please state your country, if you live outside the UK.
We will aim to provide whatever is necessary for you to participate, but we may not be able to help with everything.
If you have any access requirements, please give details here.
There will be delicious communal meals (breakfast/brunch, dinner) - all prepared and cooked by our fabulous chefs - plus snacks. The core cuisine is vegan, although there will also be vegetarian and other options available. The basic fee includes these communal meals and snacks. If you don't want to join these meals, please contact us to discuss options.
If you have any other dietary requirements, please give details here.
For example severe allergies, medication that needs refrigeration, etc.
If there are any other conditions we should know about, please give details here.
The basic fee includes a space for tents in the level paddock plus wood for burners, communal meals (breakfast/brunch, dinner) plus snacks, drinks, participation to all rituals and workshops, camp fires. A non-refundable deposit of 50% of this basic fee is required to secure your place.
We give people the chance to offer a donation to help those who would like to come, but have limited finances. If you would like to offer this support, please state the amount here.
If you would like to apply for a sponsored place, please let us know here. Places are limited and are given at the discretion of the organisers of the event.
Please provide us with further details, include why you are applying and how it will help you. We will discuss your request in our team and contact you about the decision.
We will send the Campo! newsletter only when we have something to tell you. Please expect it to appear irregular and no more than 1 to 4 times a year.

Terms and Conditions

1. Cancellation

In the event of over-booking, your booking will be listed on a waiting list, in case someone else withdraws. Your deposit and/or your booking fee will be reimbursed after camp if you weren’t able to participate because of the waiting list.

If you unexpectedly want or have to cancel your booking, you will receive 100% return of your fee up to 8 weeks before the start of our camp. Up to 4 weeks before the start of our camp you get 50% return and after that you owe the full amount, unless someone on the waiting list or another person is able to take your space. (The latter only in consultation with and after approval of the Campo! team.)

In all cases where this information does not provide, the Campo! team decides.

2. Participation

Campo! camps are from Wednesday 12:00 to Monday 12:00. People can arrive and leave at any day.

Some workshops and/or rituals may have a strong emotional impact. The Campo! team is committed to creating a safe(r) space for the group, but does not take responsibility for the psychological or physical health of individual participants. Each participant is responsible for their own well-being and can decide to leave a workshop or ritual at any time.

3. Liability

Participation in Campo! camps and the activities offered during these camps are voluntary and at your own risk. The Campo! Team offers these camps and the activities during those camps entirely without obligation, and accepts no liability for damage and/or missing items, in any form whatsoever.

Please state here anything you would like us to know about and/or you feel would be useful to us. Also you can give here any other comments.