Campo! On-Lino

As it isn't possible for everyone to meet in person at our twice yearly camps, we are organising Campo! On-Lino. Two online meetings and celebrations a year, at Imbolc and Lammas.

Our Campo! On-Lino meetings will give us the opportunity to catch up with each other, to sing, do a ritual, share poems, stories, meditations, ritual practice tips, whatever pops up. Every On-Lino will be prepared and led by one of us, so every meeting will be different.

We'll host our Campo! On-Lino meetings using Zoom. The link for these meetings, and an invitation to contribute, will be shared in our newsletter and in our private Campo! Facebook group. Please contact us for more information if you don't have access (yet).

Upcoming Campo! On-Lino

  • Imbolc On-Lino: Sunday 28th January 2024, 20:00-21:00