Our Camps

Each camp we gather for five days of creating and holding rituals, workshops, relaxing, socialising, laughter, games, drumming, evening activity and singing around the camp fire, entertainment, nature walks, and most definitely eating!

We hold true to an ethos of co-operation, mutual support, openness of heart, and generosity of spirit. Our gatherings are small, friendly and diverse events, limited to 25 people.

First Time?

If you have not been to one of our events before you will be most definitely made welcome and be part of our group from the time you arrive. All that we ask is that you have some respect for pagan beliefs and practices, and an acceptance of all genders, sexualities, and romantic preferences.


Most of our camps are hold at one of the 8 pagan festivals, in particular Beltane and Samhain. Therefore we will have the opportunity to celebrate these special times of the year together. At camp time and space will be made available to discuss a ritual (and how it will be shaped), if participants like to perform a ritual to celebrate the festival.

Your Contribution

Our camps are very much do-it-yourself events and everyone is asked to contribute to the running of the event by helping with tasks such as cooking, chopping, washing-up, tidying up, recycling, fire-making, and/or participating in workshops or rituals.

Helping keep the camp going is a good way to meet people, exercise your talents, learn new skills and be appreciated. Please don’t expect others to clean up after you. Please do ask for help if you need it.

What to Bring?

Bring stout, dry footwear, water- and wind-proof clothing and hats and gloves for outdoors, as there will be an opportunity to go out on walks. Prepare for four seasons in one day.

As well as your practical clothing don’t forget your drag, slap, clobber, glad rags or anything else to make you (even) more beautiful or desirable. Please do bring things to share. Bring drums, rattles etc. to help us celebrate together. It will be a good idea to bring slippers/house shoes for indoors. Don’t forget to bring any ritual objects to place on the altar.


Food has become an important part of our joining together and its preparation and enjoyment is one of the central activities of the camp. The core cuisine is vegan, although there will also be vegetarian and other options available at our meals.

We usually produce two meals a day (breakfast/brunch and dinner) depending on who volunteers to do the cooking. You will be able to make your own additional drinks and snacks in the kitchen, but you are respectfully asked not to prepare or store meat or meat products in the kitchen.

You are welcome to prepare and eat any and all foods (including meat) within your own tent/fire or personal space. It is likely that there will be an opportunity to go off-site to eat together at least once for an omnivore meal.


We will be hosted by Beech Hill Community, Mid Devon and we have exclusive use of a large comfortable communal lounge, and of a very well-fitted kitchen. There is limited indoor accommodation in shared rooms available (with or without bedding), and this will need to be arranged in advance with your booking form. There are indoor hot showers (available from 9:00 each day).

Otherwise you can camp in the level paddock. There will be wood available for fires and burners. Note that – depending on the time of year – the outdoor space may be wet and muddy, although the paddock does not flood. There is an outdoor shower block heated by gas and solar.


The paddock and outdoor fire area is not really suitable for people with major mobility needs due to the soft ground and gentle slope, although the interior space in the house is on one level with one step at the external door and a step into the showers. We are well suited for most dietary needs, and our chefs have experience to cater for all kinds of dietary needs. Our booking form explicitly asks for dietary and other special needs.

If you have concerns about accessibility, we'd love to chat with you, please contact us or call Mx Brown on: (+44) (0)7974 554 456.


We use a sliding basic fee for all our camps:

  • Standard wage and above: £21 per night
  • Low wage to standard wage: £18 per night
  • Unwaged to low wage: £15 per night

The basic fee includes a space for tents in the level paddock plus wood for burners, communal meals (breakfast/brunch, dinner) plus snacks, drinks, participation to all rituals and workshops, camp fires. A non-refundable deposit of 50% of this basic fee is required to secure your place.

Please decide where on the sliding scale you are, explanations are not required. If the lower end of the scale is impossible for you, you can apply for a funded place on the booking form.

There is limited indoor accommodation in shared rooms available at additional cost (£8 per night). Bedding is also available (at a nominal extra cost of £2 to cover laundry). Both will need to be arranged in advance with your booking form.


It is possible to travel to camp by public transport. The nearest rail station is Morchard Road about 4 miles away, a bit too far to walk. There is a good bus service (361) from Exeter Bus Station every two hours which will bring you to Morchard Bishop village about 20 minutes walk away.

We should be able to arrange a lift from either the station or the village, provided you give sufficient notice of your arrival, preferably on your booking form. It will be very helpful to co-ordinate arrival times via public transport in advance to minimise vehicle use and driver stress.

You will receive the exact address and directions in response to your booking.

Any Other Questions?

If you have any questions please contact us. Or if you would rather speak to someone, you can call Mx Brown on: (+44) (0)7974 554 456.